Why Conservatives Don’t Believe In Climate Change

Yesterday was Earth Day – Ha Ha – Rallys spawned all over North America… litter picknicks, gun conventions, priest parades with fat, swollen suburbanites frothing at the mouth, their cowlicks glued over their bald spots by their rancid sweat, converged in circles trying to ‘protect their freedom’;  The freedom to be rich; the freedom to ignore the obvious and replace reason with sentimentality, to endorse sensationalism instead of rationality. A big wave rolls on. And will crush us all.

Where are the heads of state? President Obama is in New York trying to shape the malliable edges of his new economic reform bill. Governor General Jean is in Rewanda to deliver another empty, fool hardy apology for the political isolation Canada has exemplified these past 30 years. Stephen Harper is at a conference for the makers of hearing aides, at a Niagara Falls Casino. And in Ontario, while Mcguinty recants on one of the only progressive pieces of legislation he’s ever proposed (a new sex-ed bill) two white conservatives run amuck in the Palais Royal.

Ontario Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is pro-littering. He opposes all the environmental policies of The Liberal Party in addition to those of his own. He is a 21st century fool.

I am not interested in what alternatives he proposes for Canada’s quest for sustainable energy. The propositions of madmen are useful only as fodder for the imagination, or to be simply gazed at – they are awe inspiring and terrible, like rising flood waters or a can of soup glued to the counter. I will speak only of why, and how it is possible that some people do not believe in climate change.

Firstly, as is the case with most conservative ideologies, there is a disparity between how consent to these beliefs is manufactured, and it is between two obvious classes of conservatives. In essence these are ideas that were founded by the wealthy ,and then sold to a poor conservative base, but then couched in an entirely different context. For those captains of industry who benefit from the status quo too much to allow any change to it, climate change policy represents total reform to business practises. It determines which energy sources are viable, which products are sellable, and restricts the  corporate manoeuvrability  of manufacturers by regulating things like materials, travel, and emissions. Coupled with economic reform or expanded rules on the use of slave labour, or near-slave labour this kind of legislation could end business as we know it. But you could never sell that version of the story to working class conservatives, or even middle class conservatives – there’s nothing in it for them.

Therefore, in order to persuade the teeming masses of conservatives eager to disagree with any liberal or leftist idea, sensationalism is chiefly employed. They call it a lie. It isn’t true, it’s not proven, just like evolution, they’re trying to take over the world with their crazy nazi-commi-hippie bullshit and they want your freedom and to turn your children gay. This might sound crazy, and it should, but this is just a far more direct version of the story the conservative spin machine manufactures. However, this alone would never succeede. The conservative base needs further impetus for inaction, and they get it in the form of convenience.

Truthfully, for the quintessential American,  an attack on one’s freedom pales in comparison to an attack on his convenience. And, unfortunately, there is nothing about climate change that is convenient. Well, besides, you know, life.

Neverthless, when wild sensationalism is coupled with a percieved threat to convenience, there is no hope in the North or the South for progress in this arena. The climate change initiative, and with it the fate of our environment, is doomed. So long as the wingbats are at the helm.

And you know what they say…  ‘from their cold, dead hands…’


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