Die, Baby Die; Taking The Evil Of Outer Forces One Day At a Time.

It’s been quite a long time since I last wrote anything. I’m sorry. Grave appologies. I’ve been working – suburban money for urban fun, you know.

Nevertheless, over the past few weeks, stretching from the stress of exams to the daily grind of working (I paint houses in the summer, it’s a reflective kind of job) I’ve been reading and seeing some troubling things in the ‘news’. I’m inclined to refer to news as such ( a conversational, hypothetical thing) because it is so hard to decontaminate objective reporting, putting it in safe quarantine away from brash opinion and sensationalist pandering. It would seem the world is spinning of its axis. At least if you pay attention to the News in North America.

The Tea Party, that mob of gun crazed, racist herd agents that has spawned from Satan’s asshole somewhere in Kentucky, has pushed their first man into office: Rand Paul, who recently, on National Television, claimed he disagreed with parts of the civil rights act. Mainly he argued that disallowing a private institution (a business) from discriminating on the basis of race is a violation of their first amendment rights. Property over decency. Blatant white supremacy. Is anyone batting an eyebrow?

The Huffington Post accused Rachel Maddow (the host) of asking questions that were too abstract, they obscured the practical issue at hand. This was the left’s response in America.

It’s over friends. The ice berg has broken off in large, deadly splinters, and is embedded deep in our hull. We are sinking, the band is playing, We are in the middle of the ocean, about to die, alone. The election of a Black president was the progressives’ last hurrah. They’re all gone now, dieing in a massive oil slick of the gulf coast. Die baby, Die.

Then there’s Arizona, where search and seizure is allowed purely on the basis of racial identification. This is not merely a talking point. This is the beginning of the end. Fuck, it’s probably closer to the end of the end.

At least we’ve got Toronto, a place where some things still make sense. On a beautiful day like today, in the right kind of sun-light, with the right kind of eyes, you can see something resilient and good at work in this city. Sometimes I need to walk around my newly adopted neighborhood, near bloor and bathurst, to appreciate that there are still good days to be had. And long nights. And they often melt together, under the wide hot sun. One has to look past the newspaper stands sometimes, isolate herself from that bad noise reverberating down south. However, in a couple weeks the G20 will invade our city and make the ugly truth that much harder to ignore. One day at a time.


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