Hello Again

Okay, so I can’t just pretend it hasn’t been a long time. I can’t pass you by on the street and act like nothing has happened. I must pay tribute to this inexorable truth; I have not blogged since June. I know, I’m sorry. While you’ve waited with bated breath while summer turned to fall I’ve been, inexplicably, absent. Sincere apologies. And as for a reason why I’ve been unreachable for comment? Or where I’ve been? There is no simple answer. I certainly can’t provide any concrete alibi, nothing that would hold up in court anyway…

Perhaps, after the long death-rattle hum of the G20, a yawn that mutated seemlesly into the Toronto Mayoral Race, which if anything, has only inspired mass grief and apathy, I’ve just been a little worn out. I have been brought back to my small incarnation of public life by the need to share music. I’ve been up tonight writing a paper due tomorrow (the action that most typically comes immediately before a post), and I’ve been listening to some great music. The first song is a cover of Feist’s 2007 track “Limit To Your Love” by James Blake.

At first glance I thought the artist was James Blunt, which made me cringe, rather instictively. However, as would be impossible for Blunt, Blake’s version of the song is fucking warped. It is interesting almost to a fault. It is a song that I think I will grow to love, one who’s strangeness will haunt me for weeks, much like the first time I heard “Motion Picture Soundtrack” off of Radiohead’s oft-blogged-about “Kid A”.

Limit To Your Love – James Blake by funktional

Next is another, more ambient track by Blake, “I only Know (What I Know Now)”. This is what the ghosts in the parlour at that moment halfway through The Shining should have been listening to. It sounds like the drug trip scene in a P T Anderson film. Or something. I love this guy.

James Blake – I Only Know (What I Know Now) by Strange Moss

There’s more coming I promise. Goodnight for now.


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