Polite Musings on a Monday, from Brampton.

Insert obligatory apology for the time that has elapsed between this post and my last here. That has become a constant refrain unfortunately. Nevertheless, I come baring gifts.

I’m not here to expound on recent events. I will not subject you to intense, yet inane rambling, while I froth at the mouth and type frantically with my mandible claws (I rather like imagining myself as a rabid-raccoon-writer, at least in those kinds of moments). I’m just going to give you some music to listen to.

First up is Memoryhouse. This is not the first time I’ve blogged about Memoryhouse, but this may be the first time I’ve posted anything brand-spanking new, in the traditional cannon of music blogging. The following track is the b side of a single due out electronically tomorrow, and expected to be released physically in December. The song is called Heirloom.



Next is the A side. The song is called Caregiver.



Like all the Memoryhouse I’ve heard, which, granted, is not a lot, these songs are dreamy and inherently nostalgic pieces with a kind of lateral or circular motion. They certainly don’t swell and climax in a linear way, in the same sense that bss and lcd songs tend to. Nor do they edge along in a dispersal of sound like a lot of lo fi music is trending towards right now. These songs have an accessible narrative, and what seems to be a familiar construction, coupled with their dreamy, undercover lo fi sound makes them keenly unassuming. And still interesting.



Sorry but I couldn’t find files for these tracks, or good links so I just linked you to pages on which you can play the songs. Both are by a Delaware duo called Mean Girl. Enjoy.


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